Defense industry jobs can be very lucrative

The defense industry is a large and diverse industry that provides products and services to the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD estimates that there are over 300,000 people employed in the US defense industry, working in more than 500 companies and organizations. These businesses range from small firms that specialize in research and development or contract manufacturing, to Fortune 100 corporations that produce everything from aircraft carriers to submarines.

The defense industry is a very lucrative field for former military members in the USA. It provides the best career opportunities with high salaries and excellent benefits.

Veteran Employees and Defense Industry Jobs

As a veteran, you may have many skills that are sought after by employers. You’re familiar with the military’s values and mission, which makes it easier to work with others in an environment where your colleagues are also veterans. Your work ethic is strong, as well as your sense of teamwork and communication skills.

You also have good problem-solving abilities that come from having been trained in leadership roles under stressful conditions (i.e., combat). This means that when faced with a difficult situation or challenge at work or school—such as dealing with budget cuts due to government austerity measures—you know how to find solutions quickly so that everyone stays focused on the task at hand rather than feeling overwhelmed by stressors such as money troubles affecting their livelihoods! Finally, there’s nothing wrong with being able to be paid based on performance either because this allows employees who perform well during tough times to earn more money than those who do not perform up until then–making them feel even better about doing their jobs well.”

Top Companies

Boeing Co. (Boeing)

Boeing is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and missiles worldwide. It was founded in 1916 by William E. Boeing with his brothers Orville and Fredrick.

Boeing has more than 120,000 employees around the world. With a net income of $32 billion in 2015, it is one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers.

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin is the largest defense contractor in the world, with over 100,000 employees worldwide. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, their headquarters are also located there. The company has been around for over 60 years and was founded by Allan Van Kaufmann Jr., who wanted to create a company that would be able to compete with Boeing (which he thought would be its main competitor).

Lockheed Martin’s main focus is on weapons systems such as F-35 fighter jets; however, they also make tanks and ships for military use as well as drones for surveillance purposes.

Raytheon is a global security company that delivers solutions to customers in more than 80 countries. With more than 100,000 employees, Raytheon is one of the largest employers in the United States. The company’s products and services include radar systems; missile systems; cybersecurity technologies; command, control, communications, and intelligence (C4I); sensor systems; battle management command and control platforms; electronic warfare capabilities; air traffic management solutions and services as well as homeland security solutions across government agencies at all levels throughout North America & Europe.

General Dynamics
General Dynamics is a global aerospace and defense technology company. It employs more than 65,000 people worldwide with 11,000 in the United States alone. General Dynamics was founded in 1915 as American Marmon & Company by William A. White, who had been president of the National Cash Register Company since 1901. In 1936 it merged with Curtis-Wright Corporation to form Curtiss-Wright Corporation; then in 1950, it merged with Chance Vought Aircraft Corporation to form what is now known as Boeing Commercial Airplanes Inc., which later became known as The Boeing Company (BC).

General Dynamics has many different divisions including Land Systems Division (LSD), Mission Systems & Sensors Division (MSSD), and Space & Intelligence Systems Division (SIDS).

Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman is one of the largest defense contractors in the world, and it’s headquartered in West Falls Church, Virginia. The company has offices and operations around the globe.

Northrop Grumman produces many different types of aircraft like drones, fighter jets, and bombers for both military and commercial purposes (such as passenger planes). With such a wide range of products on offer, it’s no wonder that the company has an impressive reputation for producing high-quality products at affordable prices!

BAE Systems Inc.
BAE Systems Inc. is a British multinational defense, security, and aerospace company. It was founded in February 1999 as an amalgamation of the British Aerospace Company and the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC), two major British aerospace companies. The new company had origins dating back to 1906 when Vickers Aviation Works was formed to manufacture aircraft engines for World War I fighter planes.

In 2003 it became one of the largest arms dealers in history when it acquired Hughes Aircraft Co., making it one of three global leaders in military technology along with Raytheon and Northrop Grumman

L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.
L-3 Communication Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: LTR) is a global aerospace and defense technology company that provides mission-critical communication solutions for military aircraft, command, control, and communications systems; strategic missile systems; tactical missiles; commercial aircraft components; satellite programs; intelligence gathering equipment and systems. The company’s operations are conducted under the following business segments: Intelligence & Space Systems (IS&S); Mission Systems & Sensors (MSS); Simulation & Training Solutions (STS). LTR has approximately 33 locations globally across North America including offices in New York City and Washington DC as well as many other locations around the world including France where it has been operating since 1976.

United Technologies Corporation
United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in Farmington, Connecticut. The company employs approximately 200,000 people worldwide.[1] UTC is an aerospace and defense manufacturing company, with its major divisions being Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky Aircraft, and Hamilton Sundstrand. UTC’s largest division is Pratt & Whitney which produces engines for commercial aircraft as well as military aircraft like the F-16 Fighting Falcon or the F22 Raptor for Lockheed Martin; it also manufactures turbofans for regional jets such as Bombardier CRJ family series.

Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.
Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. is an American shipbuilding company formed in 2011 by the merger of Northrop Grumman Ship Systems and Huntington Ingalls Industries. With its headquarters based in Newport News, Virginia, it has offices located across the United States and abroad.

Harris Corporation
Harris Corporation is a technology company that provides communications, information, and cyber solutions for government and commercial customers. It’s headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, United States.

The company was founded in 1960 by Herbert A. Harris Jr., who launched it with $1 million from his grandfather; that money was used to develop systems for the military. Over time, it diversified into other sectors such as satellites and cybersecurity before being bought out by Northrop Grumman in 2006 (the two companies merged). It now has over 60,000 employees worldwide who work on projects ranging from defense systems integration to homeland security initiatives like border control technology or disaster response teams – all while still maintaining its status as one of America’s largest private employers!

Defense Industry Jobs and LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a great place to look for defense industry jobs. It has a special section for defense jobs and other sections can help you find the perfect job.

  • There is a Veterans’ Section where you can find information about military veterans on LinkedIn, including their resumes and job applications. This will be very useful if your skillset matches what they need!
  • There’s also a Military Spouse & Veteran Job Search Tool where people who have been affected by war can search through different types of careers available at companies that hire military spouses or veterans (such as IT professionals).

This way they can see if there’s anything specific related to their situation before applying for any positions online just so I know what kind of experience I need most urgently.”

Other Websites That Help Seek Defense Industry Jobs
You can find job information on the following websites:

  • Job Boards – There are many different types of job boards. Some are specific to government jobs and some have a broader reach, such as those that focus on defense industry careers.
  • Social Media – Social media is another great way to find employment opportunities in the defense industry. There are several social media platforms where you can post your resume or search for jobs based on keywords related to working in the military (e.g., “military veteran”). The best part about using these sites is that they allow you to connect with other people who share similar interests!

Defense industry jobs offer lucrative careers to former military members.
Defense industry jobs offer lucrative careers to former military members. The benefits of working in the defense industry are many, including:

  • Flexibility and adaptability – you’ll be able to move around when needed, or take time off when you need it. You could even go back and forth between countries if you wanted!
  • Career growth – with each promotion, your salary will increase significantly because there’s more money at stake (i.e., more profit).

We hope that this article was able to help you understand the opportunities available in the defense industry jobs and how they can be a good fit for you.