The US Department of Defense (DoD) is looking for Veterans to fill various positions across the government. While many jobs require security clearance and other requirements. The DoD believes that Veterans are excellent candidates for Federal employment because they have the knowledge, experience, skills, and abilities necessary to perform their jobs effectively.

Veterans have a wide range of skills and experience that can be put to use in a variety of jobs throughout the federal government. Veterans come from all areas of the country and from all walks of life, making them an excellent source of diversity in the workplace. They bring leadership, discipline, and teamwork to their jobs which help them become successful employees at any level within your organization or department. As well as this they are loyal and dedicated employees who will work hard for you!


As a veteran, you may be eligible for preferences in the hiring process.

The Veterans’ Preference Act of 1944 provides that veterans who served on active duty during World War II or its immediate aftermath; those who served during other periods of war; and certain other honorably discharged veterans are given preference over non-veterans in federal civilian employment. The law also requires employers to make reasonable efforts to hire qualified persons with service-connected disabilities unless doing so would cause “undue hardship.”

The Department of Defense (DoD) is committed to supporting Veterans and military families through employment opportunities. In addition, the DoD is committed to providing employment opportunities for Veterans, including those who may have been separated from service after serving a period of war or national emergency.

The U.S. Department of Defense has established several ways that you can obtain information about veterans’ benefits and services: on this website; by calling 1-877-4MYVET (1-877-469–8387); or by visiting your local American Legion Post Office or VFW post office location closest to where you live.


There are many different types of job opportunities available for and Veterans and many government positions require a security clearance.


Security clearances are required for some government positions, but not all. For example, you may need a security clearance if you want to work in the intelligence community or with sensitive technologies.

You can get a security clearance when you apply for a job with the federal government. You can also request one while working at your current job if it’s part of your duties and responsibilities (such as handling classified information).

When you’ve found a position that interests you, create a profile and submit your resume on

Click on “Create My Profile” in that same menu bar and follow the instructions to create an account there as well (only needed if this is your first time applying). Once your account has been created, log in again to see all of its features including uploading documents like resumes or cover letters, etc…


You can also start your search at FedsHireVets, where you can view job openings with agencies across the federal government. Search by location and agency: You can narrow down your options by selecting from a variety of categories, including geographic regions and specific agencies.

Create a profile: Once you’ve found an agency that interests you, create an account on FedsHireVets (this is required) and submit your resume so it will be accessible to other users in the system who might be interested in hiring veterans.

You’ll also need to meet certain qualifications before applying for any job openings; some requirements include having served in military service or receiving an honorable discharge from active duty military service within five years prior to applying for jobs at any given time period during which such employment opportunities may exist within each respective department/agency listed under “Job Opportunities” section of site’s home page menu bar.

The US Department of Defense (DOD) believes that veterans are excellent candidates for federal employment. As a veteran, you may be eligible for preferences in the hiring process.